San pedro ceremonies in cusco

San pedro ceremonies in cusco Our Spiritual Retreats are more than just a tour of places in Peru. They are also a journey into yourself. During the course of our group journeys, you will have the opportunity to take part in sacred plant ceremonies that will enable you to experience profound inner journeys into your true and authentic self.

San Pedro is a cactus which is native to the Andes and is known to have been used by pre-Inca civilizations for up to 4000 years. The active component found in this medicine is Mescaline and the nature or personality of this plant is perceived by many as the masculine grandfather spirit, it is also described as having the spirit of the hummingbird, the energetic home of San Pedro in the Andes.

The vibrations and energy that are in these lands will help us with the healing of the physical body and our traumas. This medicine can be used to help us perceive our self-created barriers, limitations and greatly aids us in opening and connecting with our hearts, each ceremony is a meeting with ourselves and Mother Earth and the Divine is a medicinal mirror that can help us see where we hold onto self-limiting beliefs and patterns in our lives, gently guiding us toward releasing that which no longer serves us.

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