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theperutravel.com Explore breathtaking natural landscapes, flavors and secrets that Cusco’s jungle keep. Take an epic bicycle ride by crossing mountains and rivers in the jungle. Discover a particular and brand new circuit that will captivate you with its waterfalls, ... (ver mas)

Cusco Private Tours

pumadventuresperu.com Trek to Rainbow Mountain Tour Full Day One of our most requested tours is our one day trip to the rainbow mountain from Cusco. You will have seen many pictures of the rainbow mountain, proudly boasting its unmistakable earthly hues of red, yellow and... (ver mas)

sacred valley to Machu picchu

cuscotransport.com Sacred Valley Private Tour is a snapshot of all the good things of the Sacred Valley Pisac. Immerse yourself in a history that spans several millennia, explore the vibrant Pisac excursion and enjoy the culture of Ollantaytambo, an Inca site that has ... (ver mas)


If you don’t have a stay of several days in Cusco, you may not be prepared to do 4 or 5 day long walks, or you are planning to visit other places in Cusco without spending your money on the expensive trains to get to this wonder. You’re in the right ... (ver mas)

Un viaje en bicicleta

canalfilosofos.blogspot.com En Abril de 1943, el físico e intelectual Albert Hoffman descubrió los efectos psíquicos del LSD después de absorber accidentalmente unas gotas de la sustancia psicoactiva. A continuación un buen cortometraje de animación en homenaje a Hoffman y a s... (ver mas)

Rafal Karcz en Yareah magazine

yareah.com Isabel del Rio, en su sección de arte, nos habla de la obra de Rafael Karcz y la compara con otros pintores polacos precedentes como Tamara de Lempicka. Es bilingüe, muy bueno para la gente que estudia idiomas.

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